DCP-Subtitle Extract

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SupraMotion is proud to announce Version 0.1 Beta of their software DCP-Subtitle Extract!

DCP-Subtitle Extract can export the subtitles of Interop-DCPs to SRT.

Please download the free (GPL) software including the source-code here:

You need the Visual C++ Redistributable für Visual Studio 2015 Package from Microsoft to run the program.


We are a Blu-ray and DVD authoring company that started business in 2003. At that time we realized that we couldn’t find a suitable application that fitted our needs. As a result we started developing the software we needed most ourselves.

On the following pages you will find some of the software we created. As we work with these tools on a daily basis, they are optimized for the fastest and best workflows we could imagine. This means that every feature is optimized and reviewed by the people who use it.

Sublime is the first application we released. It is a very fast and intuitive subtitling suite that supplements Apple DVD Studio Pro perfectly.

To visit our Blu-ray & DVD authoring and subtitling studio homepage please follow this link www.supramotion.de. The linked page is in German, but you can contact us in English for all your Blu-ray & DVD authoring needs at kontakt@supramotion.de.

Sublime HD

SupraMotion is proud to announce Version 2.0 of their subtitling software Sublime HD!

The biggest news in the new release of Sublime HD are the subtitle rendering for Blu-ray applications (Sonic Scenarist and NetBlender DoStudio) and the availability of a Windows version. The files created by the two versions (Sublime HD Mac and Sublime HD Win) are fully interchangeable.

We started developing Sublime after testing a lot of mediocre or even bad applications (Windows and OS X), but never found an application that supported a video and audio-waveform preview at the same time in conjunction with a fast user interface. After contacting a few developers of commercial and shareware tools, we got a few answers that were not satisfying at all. Most ended up saying: „We can’t do that“, „That’s not possible“ or „Good idea, but…“.

Please download a demonstration copy of Sublime HD. You will see, it is possible.

Sublime is a program to edit, spot and render subtitles for Blu-ray and DVD authoring, mainly for the Apple authoring suite DVD Studio Pro, Sonic Scenarist and Netblender DoStudio. You can directly use AVI and QuickTime movies with a speed and accuracy you’ve never achieved before.

DCP-Subtitle Extract

DCP-Subtitle Extract Screenshot

SupraMotion is proud to announce Version 0.1 Beta of their software DCP-Subtitle Extract!

DCP-Subtitle Extract can export the subtitles of Interop-DCPs to SRT.


Order Sublime

Q: If I buy Sublime X.Y.Z, how long will my license be valid? Do I get updates for free?
A: You get free updates for a full major version number (plus two more versions if you bought before 2.0), e.g. if you have bought the Sublime version 2.4.0, you will get all updates including Sublime 3.3.9 without having to pay anything. Of course you can use your version of Sublime as long as you want without updating it.

Q: My serial number from the version 1.7 (and below) does not work anymore. What’s going wrong?
A: With version 2.0 we had to change the registration data because of the new windows release. Please contact us at support@supramotion.de, and you’ll get the new licensing information in a few days. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: I want to buy multiple licenses of Sublime for my company. Is this possible?
A: Sure. Please contact us at sales@supramotion.de and let us know how many licenses you need. We will then set up an individual price for your needs.

Q: How often is Sublime updated? How much will a major upgrade be?
A: We try to update Sublime constantly in small steps. New and free 0.X releases containing new features and other improvements will be available in changing intervals. When your free update period has expired (e.g. you bought version 2.3 and then version 3.3 is released), you will of course get an update option that is cheaper than the full price.

Q: How can I order Sublime? What is this Avangate shop? Why am I forwarded to a new page when clicking the buy button?
A: We handle Sublime orders via a third party company called Avangate. Avangate supports most common credit cards and other payment options, which we could not offer when selling it directly.
This is also the reason why the order page is not on supramotion.de: Avangate offers the most secure technologies that are available for distributing software over the internet. When clicking the buy button, you are forwarded to the Avangate shop which runs on a SSL encrypted page. This ensures that any information entered cannot be intercepted by others. If you have any more questions about the ordering process, please let us know. You can also contact us directly if you have any problems setting up the order form. See https://www.avangate.com/customer-services/shopper-support.phpfor more info about Avangate.

Q: Why is Sublime more expensive than XYZ?
A:We target the professional and semi-professional Blu-ray & DVD authoring market. There may be cheaper tools for subtitling, but you won’t get the quality and support we offer. We don’t want to be the main subtitling tool for hobbyists – we want you to get your work done. In fact, personnel expenses will be reduced because subtitling is much faster. We have managed to spot complete films in close to realtime; try this with any other subtitling software!

Q: You promised not to do a huge version leap, now there is a jump from version 1.7 to 2.0. Why did you do that?
A:We had a hard time doing this, but with the big release of the HD capable version and the Windows version the jump to version 2.0 was necessary. Because we’ve left out the version numbers 1.8 and 1.9 all the customers that have bought Sublime before 2.0 will get two more releases for free. When your free update period has expired (e.g. you bought version 1.3 and then version 2.5 is released), you will of course get an update option that is cheaper than the full price.


Q: I would love to see feature XYZ implemented into Sublime. Where can I discuss or suggest them? Do you want to be informed about my feature wishes?
A:Yes, we want to hear your ideas! If you have any suggestions that would make your subtitling workflow easier or better, write them down and send them to support@supramotion.de. Sublime is constantly evolving, so we want and need your feedback to make Sublime even better.

Q: Can I import Subtitle format XYZ into Sublime?
A:Sublime currently supports the import of STL, EBU STL and SRT (Subrip) subtitle files. Those seem to be the most common ones that we know about. If you need to import a different format, you can first search the web if there is a converter for your format to one of the formats Sublime currently supports. If there is none, let us know about the format by sending us a small example file to support@supramotion.de, and we will try to support this format in one of the next minor upgrades.

Q:When importing raw dialog scripts or STL files, some characters are not shown correctly. What can I do to fix this?
A:When importing raw TXT or TXT STL files, Sublime assumes that they are saved in the local codepage. When saving raw text files on a different computer or OS, the local codepage might not match the one that the files where saved as. Sublime supports UTF8, UTF16, UTF32 and RTF formats as well, so you can simply convert your TXT files to one of those formats with any text-editor first, to make sure that all characters are imported correctly. Then import the files again into Sublime. Note: Prefer saving in UTF16 formats, as this will in most cases write a header (BOM) into the file. BOM headers are automatically recognized by Sublime.

Q:Does Sublime support high definition?
A: Yes, it does since version 2.0. NetBlenders DoStudio is fully supported. If you need subtitles for another Blu-ray authoring tool, please contact us.


Q: Why on earth does Sublime decode the audio from my videos first?
A:Sublime does this to optimize performance. By decompressing the movies audio first, we can guarantee that playing back audio, seeking and zooming in the arrangement behaves as quick and comfortable as possible. Nothing should stop you while you are spotting or editing subtitles.

Q:How can I quickly navigate the playback position?
A: Use the middle mouse button to do so while pointing at any time in the arrangement above the subtitles, audio clip or video clip.
If you have don’t have a 3 button mouse, you can also do this by holding down the „Apple“ key and then clicking the left mouse button. Alternatively you can always click on the time ruler on top of the arrangement to set a new playback position.

Q: I don’t want to drag and drop titles. Can I use keyboard shortcuts as well?
A: Yes. Sublime supports the easy way of drag and dropping as well as spotting with keyboard shortcuts only. Decide you which way is faster for you. Click the „Help“ -> „Show Or Print Keyboard Shortcuts-…“ menu entry for a full reference. As all keyboard shortcuts can be reassigned in Sublime, you can even adjust them to perfectly match your workflow!

Any more questions? Please let us know about them by writing a mail to support@supramotion.de.


Version 2.1.0 HD (Jul 07 2011)

New features:

  • Added import support for SCC closed caption files
  • Added a new optional subtitle preview mode, „Scale Subtitles with Video“, which allows previewing subtitles with or without stretching the titles with the video.
  • Sublime no longer extracts temporary wav audio files for most video files, but now directly reads the audio from the videos.
  • Removed the Final Cut compatible video rendering option. Rendered videos are now always compatible with Final Cut without increasing the file size of the rendered movie.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed compatibility problems with OSX Lion
  • Fixed possible sync problems with imported 50 FPS video files

Version 2.0.0 HD (Oct 14 2010)

Initial release of Sublime HD:

  • Sublime HD for Windows
    Use the platform of your choice: Sublime HD now runs on both major operating systems: Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX. Feature set of both versions are identical. Sublime HD projects can also be opened, saved and exchanged between both platforms without worries. So you can create subtitles on Windows for DVD Studio Pro or subtitles on a Mac for DoStudio projects.
  • Blu-ray rendering (DoStudio Export)
    In addition to Sublimes DVD authoring support, Sublime HD now also allows you to create subtitles in HD quality for DoStudio. Sublime projects can easily switch – on the fly – between both formats (HD for Blu-ray or HD Quicktime export, SD for DVD Studio Pro or Sonic Scenarist). So you can export and work on the format you currently need without the need to re-spot titles.

Version 1.7.0 (Mar 11 2010)

New features:

  • Sonic Scenarist Export (SST Subtitles)
    Sublime can now (beside of Spruce Subtitle formats for DVD Studio Pro, and Quicktime movies for Final Cut Pro) export for Sonic Scenarist in SST format. To export such titles, simply select the new „Export SST (Sonic Scenarist, Rendered)…“ entry form the „File“ menu.
  • Reading Speed Checks & Column
    Via a new option and column in the subtitle editor, Sublime can now show „Words/Minute“ or „Characters/Second“ counts for your subtitles. You can also configure at which minimum and maximum values errors should be shown; the Reading Speed values will then be highlighted in red.
  • Secondary Speaker Style
    Alternatively to „Anti-alias“ and the „2nd Outline“ options, you can now use the third color as main font color for a secondary speaker. To use this new feature, select „2nd Speaker“ in the styles property pane (which is by default set to „Anti-alias“). Then mark the text that should use this color via „Some Text“ in the title.
  • Default Title Duration
    The default length for titles (for example when dragging a title with no times set into the time-line) can now be set up in the „Misc“ preferences pane. You can specify ms time amounts per character, word and line.

Bug fixes:

  • When importing Quicktime movies into Sublime, which are not based on frames but for example milliseconds, Sublime will show a warning that the times you see in Sublime might not be frame precise. While this is most of the time not critical, it might be good idea to double check the resulting titles time in DVD Studio Pro, if using exact frame-based movies is not an option for you.
  • Broken times in FCP XML imports: Importing Final Cut text generator based projects into Sublime would not correctly import the text clip times. This is fixed now.

To update please start Sublime and choose the menu item „Help / Check for Updates…“

Version 1.6.0 (Feb 13 2009)

New features:

  • Automatic Scene Detection / Align Subtitles to Scenes
    Titles which are aligned to video scenes, do usually result in easier to read titles. Sublime now allows you now to analyze imported movies to find and visualize scenes in your projects. Further, warnings will be shown next to the subtitles, as soon as the titles have „slightly“ missed a scene start or end. Missed scenes on title starts are less sensitive (3 frames) than missed scenes on title ends (10 frames). Drag & Dropping titles will also auto-snap to existing scenes. To use the new scene detection feature in Sublime, first import a movie as usual. Then click on „Options“ -> „Scene Detection…“. Analyzing movies will take a while, but can be done in background. Analyzing is only needed once per project/video.
  • Auto-Save Projects
    Sublime can now periodically save backups of your projects while you work on them. This way you have always a set of old versions, in case you’ve accidently removed something in a project. The backup period and place for the auto-saved files can be configured in Sublimes „Misc“ preferences pane.
  • Default Project Template
    You can now save a Sublime project as template, so Sublime will always start with this template instead of creating an empty default „factory“ project. This can be useful if you are always using the same set of styles or other settings. Those templates can be saved in the „File“ menu
  • .

  • Leading/Trailing Spaces
    … in subtitles are now visualized with a small „triangle“ character in the subtitle list, so you can now easily spot and remove them. Most of the time those spaces are unwanted because they change the alignment of the titles.
  • Auto Wrapping/Splitting improvements
    The autowrap commands in Sublime will now, if no punctuation marks are present, try to make the lower title longer than the upper one. In Most cases this results in a better readability of the titles.
  • Better Final Cut Pro MOV compatibility
    Due to a problem in the latest Final Cut Pro, exported Quicktime movies from Sublime could sometimes „miss“ some titles. There now is a compatibility option for FCP in Sublimes Render Dialog which lets you create Quicktime movies which will always work correctly in FCP. These files are much bigger than the „incompatible“ ones, so if you don’t want to edit/work with the MOV in FCP, you should not use this setting.


  • Horizontal alignment tags where exported as „HorizAlign“ instead of „HorzAlign“ in text STL files. This is fixed now.

Version 1.5.0 (Oct 01 2008)

New features:

  • New „Translation mode“:
    You can now directly edit/compare and create multi-language versions of your subtitles in Sublime. By „cloning“ the initial language, translators can now compare the new language with the translation without having to leave Sublime and can now also do timing corrections for each translation on the fly.
  • Every new language can also have its own audio file in the project, if necessary.
  • Additional support for the standard High Definition video resolutions.
    You can now select HD 720p and HD 1080p/i in the „Options“->“Video Format“ settings of Sublime. This will scale the loaded video to the selected resolution or the other way round: loaded HD videos should automatically select the HD resolutions in Sublime. Please note that you cannot use the HD mode for DVD Studio Pro. DVD Studio Pro is not capable of creating „real“ HD DVDs/Blu-rays, so this feature is only useful for those who would like to create a subtitled Quicktime movie or a subtitle track for Final Cut Pro.
  • Global OSX shortcuts
    (like Command + Space to switch the keyboard input language) will now work when you edit text in Sublime. This will make it easier for translators to switch between English and Japanese, for instance.
  • Additional shortcuts
    to set a specific style for the currently selected subtitle: Command + 1 – Command + 9 Those who would like to quickly apply new subtitle styles can do so now without having to touch the mouse. These shortcuts can be customized (as can all other shortcuts in Sublime) in the Sublime „Keys“ Preference Pane.
  • Better compatibility with installed OSX fonts: So far Sublime has supported many of your installed OSX fonts, but some of them may have been displayed incorrectly (you got a bold font instead of an italic font). This should be fixed now. Also Sublime will no longer show unsupported old OS9 font suitcase formats, so everything you see and select in the Sublime Font Chooser should work perfectly now.

Version 1.4.0 (Mar 28 2008)

New features:

  • Internationalized support improvement:
    Sublime now supports all „Input Menu“ languages (such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew keyboard input) on all Mac OSX versions
  • Internationalized support improvement:
    improved support for display of Asian characters in the Sublime interface and in the rendered subtitles on all Mac OSX versions
  • Various performance optimizations when working with large subtitle lists
  • Additional support for the import of some SoftNi/SST G1 *.sub subtitle files
  • Additional support for the import of MicroDVD *.sub subtitle files
  • When importing *.txt files with subtitle timing information, Sublime will now guess the correct subtitle format (stl, sub, srt, …) and import the timing information as well
  • The last video- and audio-compression options used are now memorized
    in the video export dialog (except the frame rate and sample rate, which are always taken from the project)
  • Simplifcation of the „Scale Subtitles“ editor pane


  • During the process of aborting or stopping the video export dialog while compressing audio, Sublime HD could have crashed.
  • Some RTF files saved with Apples TextEdit were not imported correctly.

Version 1.3.0 (Jan 17 2008)

New features:

  • Subtitle Scaling Correction:
    You can now apply a Subtitle Scaling Correction to your rendered subtitles (4/3 and 16/9 ratio) so the fonts will look the same on your screen and on TV.
  • Scale Subtitles:
    This new feature enables you to do NTSC, Film and PAL conversions in a breeze. Simply time-stretch your subtitles to the new timebase to deliver NTSC and PAL subtitles without respotting.


  • Startup problem after a new installation has been fixed
  • Length check has been corrected for subtitles that were too long for the title safe area
  • Improved FAB format import

Version 1.2.0 (Nov 08 2007)

New features:

  • Quicktime Video Export:
    Render your Sublime project (video, audio and subtitles) as a self-contained Quicktime movie to create presentations of your subtitling work or to create high-quality subtitled movies without DVD Studio Pro. Besides the video export allows you to render movie files which only contain a video subtitle track. This video can then be imported into Final Cut Pro, for instance, to create and edit subtitled movies.
  • Compatibility with Mac OSX Leopard:
    Sublime has been tested and tweaked for Apple’s latest operating system version OS X Leopard.
  • Improved multi-language character support:
    Non-ASCII characters like Hebrew characters or Asian texts are now displayed in the subtitle list editor.


  • EBU STL import: Potentially doubled line breaks have been fixed.
  • When using the auto wrap command in a line that starts with a dash (-), the dash was deleted after wrapping.
  • Text offset settings (when used) were not scaled properly in the Video Preview.

Version 1.1.0 (Jun 15 2007)

New features:

  • Slowdown Playback:
    Via a simple switch in the transport bar, you can now slow down the playback of the audio and video up to 50 per cent to make „realtime“ subtitling easier. The slowdown rate is adjustable in the options menu. Audio playback is „time-stretched“, so the pitch of the audio output will be preserved.
  • Text Encoding import options:
    When importing raw text files or subtitle files that were not saved in unicode formats you can now choose the desired ASCII encoding format in the import dialog. This is particularly useful for work with text files done on a Windows PC.
  • Final Cut Pro XML import:
    You can now import subtitles from Final Cut Pro XML documents via the „Import Subtitles“ option. Currently only the „raw“ titles with times are supported. Text alignments and styles will be ignored for the time being.
  • New Keyboard Commands:
    Pressing „Command + Return“ in the subtitle list will now add a new empty subtitle and place the edit cursor at this subtitle.


  • Problems with Hungarian keyboards have been resolved (some accent keys didn’t work)
  • Improved RTF text import: When importing RTF document with no proper encoding settings (some Windows RTF edits save such files), Sublime will now assume that they were saved in the default Windows codepage.
  • Problems with STL files saved with NTSC timecodes have been fixed
  • Improved EBU STL import: Sublime will now ignore inlined invisible comments from the FAB subtitler

Version 1.0.0 (Apr 23 2007)

New features:

  • Spell Checking:
    Via a new extended editor pane you can now automatically spell check your subtitles. Spelling errors are also shown during the process of typing in the subtitle list.
  • Audio Scrubbing:
    This new feature enables you to hear audio while you navigate the playmarker in the arranger. You can also go through the audio track frame by frame using the keyboard shortcuts „A“ and „S“.


  • Problems with dead keys (to write accents) on some keyboards have been resolved

Workflow improvements:

  • Improved subtitle wrapping algorithm.

Version 0.9.5 (Feb 14 2007)

New features:

  • Simplified zooming and navigation without middle mouse button
  • Additional option to edit and export in NTSC drop and non-drop frame formats
  • Times can now be entered into the subtitle list even if no times were set initially

New input formats:

  • Additional EBU STL subtitle file import (with support for non-Latin codepages)
  • Additional SubRip SRT subtitle file import

Workflow improvements:

  • Additional bigger font for the subtitle list to improve readability
  • Some GUI cosmetics and a new set of default color themes for the GUI
  • Other minor improvements


  • NTSC timing problems with some video files have been corrected
  • Preview problems (wrong offsets) for the Pan&Scan mode with NTSC videos have been fixed

Version 0.9.0 (Jan 05 2007)

Version 0.9.0 was the initial release version of Sublime.


Manual: Download the English manual. We highly recommend reading it.

Sublime HD Manual

Demo: Download a demonstration copy of Sublime HD for Mac OS X or Windows:

Sublime HD Demo – Mac OS X

Sublime HD Demo – Windows

Hardware requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later: Computer with 500 MHz G4 processor or faster. Any Intel CPU based Mac.
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or later: Pentium 4 Processor or faster (CPU with SSE instruction set)
  • A minimum RAM of 1024 MB
  • Graphics card with a minimum video storage of 16 MB
  • A mouse with 2 or 3 buttons is recommended
  • Installing Quicktime for Windows is recommended


To update your copy of Sublime, just start the program and use the menu item „Help > Check for Updates“.


You can purchase Sublime HD with the links below via our reseller Avangate, an eCommerce platform for electronic software registration.

Please note that a purchased license is only valid for one platform, OS X or Windows.

Clicking the order links will redirect you to a secure site (https – RC4 128bit)  of our partner Avangate.

Purchase Sublime HD Mac OS X

Purchase Sublime HD Windows

The price for Sublime HD Mac or Win is currently 200 €. VAT may apply to EU orders. The total price with applicable taxes included will be displayed before the order is transmitted.

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