We are a Blu-ray and DVD authoring company that started business in 2003. At that time we realized that we couldn’t find a suitable application that fitted our needs. As a result we started developing the software we needed most ourselves.

On the following pages you will find some of the software we created. As we work with these tools on a daily basis, they are optimized for the fastest and best workflows we could imagine. This means that every feature is optimized and reviewed by the people who use it.

Sublime is the first application we released. It is a very fast and intuitive subtitling suite that supplements Apple DVD Studio Pro perfectly.

To visit our Blu-ray & DVD authoring and subtitling studio homepage please follow this link www.supramotion.de. The linked page is in German, but you can contact us in English for all your Blu-ray & DVD authoring needs at kontakt@supramotion.de.

Sublime HD

SupraMotion is proud to announce Version 2.0 of their subtitling software Sublime HD!

The biggest news in the new release of Sublime HD are the subtitle rendering for Blu-ray applications (Sonic Scenarist and NetBlender DoStudio) and the availability of a Windows version. The files created by the two versions (Sublime HD Mac and Sublime HD Win) are fully interchangeable.

We started developing Sublime after testing a lot of mediocre or even bad applications (Windows and OS X), but never found an application that supported a video and audio-waveform preview at the same time in conjunction with a fast user interface. After contacting a few developers of commercial and shareware tools, we got a few answers that were not satisfying at all. Most ended up saying: „We can’t do that“, „That’s not possible“ or „Good idea, but…“.

Please download a demonstration copy of Sublime HD. You will see, it is possible.

Sublime is a program to edit, spot and render subtitles for Blu-ray and DVD authoring, mainly for the Apple authoring suite DVD Studio Pro, Sonic Scenarist and Netblender DoStudio. You can directly use AVI and QuickTime movies with a speed and accuracy you’ve never achieved before.

DCP-Subtitle Extract

DCP-Subtitle Extract Screenshot

SupraMotion is proud to announce Version 0.1 Beta of their software DCP-Subtitle Extract!

DCP-Subtitle Extract can export the subtitles of Interop-DCPs to SRT.