SupraMotion is proud to announce Version 2.0 of their subtitling software Sublime HD!

The biggest news in the new release of Sublime HD are the subtitle rendering for Blu-ray applications (Sonic Scenarist and NetBlender DoStudio) and the availability of a Windows version. The files created by the two versions (Sublime HD Mac and Sublime HD Win) are fully interchangeable.

We started developing Sublime after testing a lot of mediocre or even bad applications (Windows and OS X) but never found an application that supported a video and audio-waveform preview at the same time in conjunction with a fast user interface. After contacting a few developers of commercial and shareware tools, we got a few answers that were not satisfying at all. Most ended up saying: „We can’t do that“, „That’s not possible“ or „Good idea, but…“.

Please download a demonstration copy of Sublime. You will see, it is possible.

Sublime HD is a program to edit, spot and render subtitles for Blu-ray and DVD authoring, mainly for the Apple authoring suite DVD Studio Pro, Sonic Scenarist and Netblender DoStudio. You can directly use AVI and QuickTime movies with a speed and accuracy you’ve never achieved before.